#Liz Talks:PLL season 5 episode 13- Christmas Ep.

Okay, so PLL was just like intense!
When, I watched this episode I was just so engrossed on everything that was going on from being completely thrown off and shocked that the two girls that looked like the twin #team Ali friends as – they were wearing the exact same dresses to the Winter Ball in Rosewood.

TURNED OUT TO BE: Jenna and Sydney.

I’m sure your thinking, say what now?

But yeah… it turns out that they were just helping themselves by staying on Alison’s good side and doing some investigating of their own; they already both think that Alison was Mona’s killer, but is it really Alison?

I honestly, think it could be. Or even someone that she’s working with Cece.

Which reminds, the sudden arrival of Cece made it all the more interesting the last we saw of her was her leaving with the disguise and fake ID of Alison’s Alter ego ”Vivian Darkbloom” getting away of being the killer of Detective Wilden.

Hmm, looks fishy to me?

That being said, Cece came to only visit and talk to Alison, where Alison mentioned her mum came to her in a dream warning of her of Mona and what she was capable of.

Okay, so Alison and Detective Gabriel Holbrook are somewhat seeing each other? And I thought he was a good detective – better than Wilden, but it turns out he has secrets of his own.

The freaky thing was that in the beginning Alison is awoken by the arrival of Mona – who was killed in the previous episode. She’s very conniving and rude in the manner she’s speaking in towards Alison but maybe she deserves it.

After, which Alison hears music being played, and is curious in to finding out where it’s coming from and who’s playing it. The catch? Is that it is indeed: Alison when she was younger with curly blonde hair. Her younger self, then keeps hearing a bum note when she keeps playing, and is intrigued to find out what the cause is.

Before this is done, Mona clearly warns Alison in ghostly form that ”You have to see it, but it’s not pretty.”

Young Alison finds a box hidden in the Piano and opens the present/box and finds two identical yellow dresses, but as confused as she is, wonders why there’s two when she’s the only girl in the family.


At the shocking part, right is that as she asks her mum whether she or her dad brought her the same present twice. Her mum is oblivious to what she’s talking about, as Alison explains there’s identical dresses in the box her mum demands that she saw one.

Which in turn, makes her feel silly, defeated, and wrong (which we all clearly know she isn’t)

Alison then goes along with the story, her mum has fabricated for her to say, and her mum constantly tells her to repeat it more than once.

Something’s definitely not right here…


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