2015: Happy New Year

I hope you all had a good year in 2014; and I hope that 2015 is even better for you. 🙂
Even if 2014, wasn’t at all that great, I hope that there’s a lot to look forward to in the next year. I hope that I get many opportunities for myself in being able to branch out and begin living out all my dreams, first on the list getting at least one of my books published.

Have you all set out your new year resolutions?

If not, try doing so now it could be a good way to reflect on what you’ve written and what you want for yourselves. Even if your still finding some difficulty just always give yourself goals to follow through on – this can happen everyday doesn’t have to be any specific day.

Completing them is like getting closer and closer to your ultimate goal, take a chance on yourself!

Goodbye 2014, it’s been eventful and slightly stressful though I’m grateful for good friends, great authors, books, family and etc.  I really hope 2015 could change that, because I really would be honestly grateful.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Hope it’s great and a lot better (yet again).

-Lizzy  🙂


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