Here I go again: Ideas on making my own show♡

Yes, I’m sure you’ve realised the title of my post is identical to that of a song. It’s ”Here I go again” by Whitesnake. Anyways, this will be about my ideas of making a reporter/journalist type of show to be put up on YouTube (if I actually go through with it.)

I’ve only decided of this recently, as a way to get myself known because that is what I want SO MUCH! And I always have ideas especially for all my loves e.g. writing, songs, poems and etc. This would be an opportunity for me; that I would take with no second thoughts and just dive right into it.

~Another reason, is because I actually want to get a journalist/reporter job and be writing for newspapers and magazines and share my talents and skills. The benefits that would come out of doing this is endless…

I can help people that are also trying to work on their craft of trying to be successful in their desired professions and interview them from the times they are doing gigs, and local performances. And get their views on topics and ask questions on their plans for their future in their profession.

I mean, how cool is that?

I know I would honestly love interviewing.♡

Also, getting opportunities from companies and local newspapers, magazines that instantly want me would be like my dreams are finally coming true (in that sense, literally).

I can continue doing this, and having fun and working hard, and probably be offered the opportunities of interviewing celebrities.♡

Well, I’ll keep you updated for further announcements ~
Thank you, all c:
Lizzy 🙂


Personal/General 101: If/Then Musical

Right, this was one of the musicals that I wanted to see especially knowing that Idina Menzel was in it. :)’ Let’s just say, I was excited.  Only downfall, was that it was being played on Broadway in America. And how was I going to see it? Unless, I had plane tickets.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to America, and I absolutely LOVE it there, so to all those that are living there well you’re lucky. I really dislike the country I’m in, but let’s stay on topic shall we? Haha.

It tells the story of a newly divorced, 38 year old woman Elizabeth who moves to New York for a fresh start. She meets her friends Kate a lesbian and Lucas a bisexual community organizer. She’s told to use the name ”Liz” to seek new experiences; Lucas suggests that she go back to her college nickname ”Beth.”

The remainder of the show portrays two paths her life could take.

And it sounds interesting.

It also has Anthony Rapp, Idina Menzel’s co- star in the fantastic musical ”Rent.”

Written by Brian Yorkey.

If someone was kind enough to upload the whole show, on YouTube or something it would be super awesome. As I now know that it’s closed and not showing on Broadway anymore.

I’ve heard some of the music, from the show and it’s nice and chilled to listen to.

It’s really annoying as I didn’t get the chance to watch it. 😦

Well yeah, there you have it my general/personal views on the musical 🙂

Thanks for reading,
Lizzy 🙂

General 101: Forming a Book Club

Forming a book club can be very fun, when your sharing your love for reading and books with other people. In other words, book lovers, bookworms whichever you like to call it, you get to all have an input on what story you would like to read and all talk about certain things that’s happened within the book.

Basically, I’ve been thinking of forming one myself and is slightly the inspiration behind me writing/typing up this post. I remember going to one when I was in Secondary School, and it didn’t last that long but – I enjoyed the time that I was there and we also got to eat some snacks e.g. cookies, biscuits.

The fact that each day, someone can come up with a suggestion and synopsis of what the book was about also helps to make it engaging. Spending it with people that are lovely and friendly makes for a calm atmosphere.

Another fun thing, is having the book club in different locations to help change things up once in a while e.g. it being at a park, a friend’s house, your house, back garden etc.

I mean what isn’t there to enjoy, you get to read books (which I love) and have some snacks and drinks and probably even form a short piece from a character’s point of view.

It can also be plays, that you can do too.

Yours Truly,
Lizzy 🙂

Thoughts on Self Worth: Knowing Yours

It’s important that you take your self worth in to consideration, and know that you have something to share with the world.

Everyone is important in their own way, and are worth more than they are sometimes given credit for. Everyone has that uniqueness that makes them stand out, and achieve much bigger and great things. We all have the rights to do what we love, and say what we want whenever we want, and that’s taking action.

Don’t get too disheartened, and feel ashamed. And don’t put yourself down, by saying horrible things about your appearance, your just as good looking as the next person. In fact, you may have something that brings out your beauty, that someone else may not have. It’s good to just look up, instead of looking down.

If someone doesn’t like you for who you are, think about it this way are they even worth your time? Cut people off, that have negative impacts on your life, and surround yourself around positive and influential people.

So all in all, everyone has something to give and are worth something, never say your not. :)’ Your important, your beautiful, smart, good looking all of the above. :)’ This is something I’m taken into consideration, with achieving bigger and greater things.

And try looking at inspirational and motivational quotes, and have them written down for a daily reference and reminder.

From, Lizzy 😀

Divergent – My Book Review :)

Divergent is the first book, in a Trilogy by American author Veronica Roth who was an executive producer for the film. 

I liked the book, and I listened to the audio book which consisted of 39 chapters so yeah it was long, but I enjoyed it. 🙂 The reason for this was because it was definitely one of the books I wanted to read, but I just didn’t have the time because of things like college(U.K. one) and my writing and there were some books I was reading. And well, yeah those are a few reasons.

Another thing, was I did actually read along with it in my head that is.

The book is about a girl called Beatrice Prior who lives with her mum and dad, and younger brother Caleb. Who has to take an aptitude test, which will determine which faction she will be in. Something that was decided by the government.

Her results are inconclusive, meaning she fits into more than one category making it harder to choose a faction she should belong to.

Tori is the one that’s in charge of doing the tests.

When it comes down to choosing in the choosing ceremony, she decides to go for Dauntless which is all about Bravery and Strength. She has to use a knife and cut the palm of her hand slightly and let her blood drain in the bowl for Dauntless.

Her brother chooses Erudite – which is being kind, and loyal.

When she officially starts, there’s a series of initiations that all the dauntless initiates must undergo which is manic, scary and life threatening but it’s also to show how determined they are and their bravery to stay within the faction.

In them there’s a mixture of Dauntless Born which just means if any of their family were dauntless members they are too.  And Dauntless transfers like Beatrice who shortens her name to Tris.

There she meets two leaders Eric and Four, who’s real name Tobias is revealed later on in the book.

This book was really interesting, and the person that I was listening to read it was fairly good too :)’

Action- packed, with so much happening.

Rating:☺☺☺☺☺ 5/5

P.S. I can’t actually wait to listen to the audio book for Insurgent c:

-Lizzy x 🙂

Hairspray: The Musical:)♡ – What I like/thoughts

Okay, the amount of times I’ve seen this movie, is numerous so I don’t even know but I enjoy watching it because well it’s fun, exciting and great. 🙂

I liked the fact that Tracy was strong willed and wanted to do what she wanted which was be on her favourite show ”The Corny Collins Show.”  She and her friend Penny (played by Amanda Bynes) head on to the studio and well Tracy auditions.

Her audition goes well, and she becomes a cast member of the show, much to her parents dismay, who once they’ve realised she’s on it are thrilled.

This was a remake/second film adaptation of the 1988 one of the same name (but I haven’t seen that one).

The opening song was just like spectacular, I often hum it or just sing along with the song. ”Oh oh, woke up today feeling the way, I always do, oh oh oh, hungry for something that I can’t eat, then I hear that beat, that rhythm of town starts calling me down, it seems like a message from high above pulling me out to the smiles and the streets that I love.” GOOD MORNING BALTIMORE!! 😀

Also the relation it has to events that have occurred in the past, racial segregation which is the cause of the character Seaweed’s mum and his little sister Inez and his mum who is played by Queen Latifah and is also on the CC show with other African Americans.

And how they’re treated is not nice, and unfair, though things seem to become resolved later on.

So it’s informative and enjoyable.

Especially, Tracy’s affections with Link Larson who is played by Zac Efron and is a cast member of the show.

Link becomes friends and understands Tracy better when he deliberately says something mean to the teacher because he didn’t like the way his girlfriend or ex in this case was treating Tracy.

So, they both get sent to detention and meet Seaweed and his friends, and get taught dance moves which were great especially the moment Seaweed breaks into song and sings: ”Run and tell that.”

The most significant part I guess, was when his little sister had her little part in the song.

John Travolta brings his comedic side once again in this role, as he plays Tracy’s mum ”Edna Turnblad.”

I love the duet with Tracy, in ”Welcome to the 60’s love this song!:)

Without Love is another, sang by the group meaning Seaweed, Link, Penny and Tracy.

New Girl in Town- is great 🙂

Come so far (got so far to go) I love this one, so much I sing it a lot.

My love for musicals, is just too much and this is definitely a favourite, and there’s more of the songs that I like in the movie :)’

Rating: 10/10 😀 – love and it’s just fun

Well, you should totally watch it if you haven’t already!

Much appreciated,
Lizzy :):D