Enhancing your Beauty.

So, basically us girls always sometimes feel the need to look a certain way, dress a certain way, and this can be because we either want to impress someone or just make ourselves feel better.
The sudden urge, in doing so isn’t peculiar in fact it’s quite common.

For example, wearing make- up is great but you shouldn’t  feel the need you MUST wear it all the time just because a lot of other girls you see are doing so.

Some girls are: not that confident about their facial appearance and would rather use make – up as a safety blanket because it makes them happy and comfortable. And it’s fine, to sometimes have doubts and have a low- self esteem.

However, try to use it more to just ”enhance your beauty that you already obtain” instead of a way to impress everyone all the time.

Make- up has it’s perks and everything, as it makes you glimmer and shine and it’s fun to experiment with colours and what not.

Personally, I don’t really wear make – up, and it’s mostly just for special occasions.

Quote of the day: ”Makeovers should be about enhancing who you are.” – Bethany Mota.

Well hope this helps, just a thought/opinion 🙂

Share your opinions, with me maybe? 🙂

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Yours Sincerely,
-Lizzy x 🙂


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