Sixteen Candles: Thoughts/Review

Okay, so when I watched this film, I liked it and Molly Ringwald’s performance as a teenager in the 80’s.

I like 80’s movies, alright so anyway, this film is about Samantha Baker (Sam) who likes this attractive senior boy called Jake. And tries her hardest to get his attention and date him; however on the day of her 16th birthday her family have seemed to become absent-minded and oblivious that it’s her birthday.

In other words… they’ve forgotten.

She still has to attend school, and act as if it’s a normal day seeing as everyone is more focused on planning her older sister’s Ginny’s wedding.

This is a comedy film, and is funny and relatable in some aspects.


Dealing, with adolescence and the nerd boy who seems to have a crush on her, things are going to get a lot more tricky in the meantime.

This film is good, and lovers of comedy and 80’s movies are bound to enjoy this.

Especially, if you liked any of Molly Ringwald’s films she’s starred in.

-Yours Thankfully,
Lizzy 🙂


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