Why Reading books is so Good ☺

Books are purely a great source of material/Media to stay transfixed on and it’s amazing how just a few chapters can immediately sink us in to the world that’s been created by the author.
I mean I like books for so many different reasons: It gives you as an individual/reader the opportunity to bond with characters created within the novels/books. And this can give you a better sense of the characters – and why they act the way that they do.

Okay, another reason is that not only does it allow you to be so deeply involved in the action, but it – also somehow can relate to a current situation you’re going through. e.g. a break up with a boyfriend, travelling and even making new friends, just anything really.

It’s such a great escape from the world, from reality as a whole and I simply love that. I’m just a book lover, a bookworm and I’m proud of that. I own so many books, and there’s two actual books I’m reading at the moment. Emma – Jane Austen and Mockingjay: The Hunger Games the final instalment by Suzanne Collins.

Furthermore, it’s a great outlet to just let your emotions out, especially if in a particular chapter something that’s happened makes you sad especially if you’ve been bottling it up you can simply let it out. And it’s only your ”friend” the book and yourself; that can somehow understand what you’re going through.

I hope I don’t sound crazy, lol!

It also gives you ideas to stories, which a lot of books do for me and it’s awesome seeing as I’m a writer.

There’s also just so many authors that are amazing in their profession when it comes to writing – who can simply write as if it’s for everyone. They create a world, that’s so different so crazy yet so interesting and powerful that it draws us readers in.

How amazing is that? ;p

Well, I hope this helps fellow readers and bloggers 🙂

This is also for any other book lovers, like me! ;p

Yours Truly,
Lizzy 🙂 x


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