Degrassi Talk- Season 14 episode 11: By Lizzy

So, I’m pretty much up to date with one of my favourite shows which is ”Degrassi” as the title for my post suggests. And let’s dive straight into, talking about it and why I also want to talk about peer pressure.

In the show, there’s a character called Zoe Rivas who used to be an actress due to her stint with drugs and stuff got her axed and now she attends Degrassi; where she’s had to somewhat conform to the norms.

Right now, present day she’s the cheer captain of the school’s cheerleading squad and is very conniving and demanding to the team, but shows her soft side from time to time.

To get respected, of some sort she comes up with the idea of noob chatting, sending nudes of themselves to the boys without showing their faces, and receiving money for competitions and things.

Right now in this episode, Frankie – Miles’ little sister decides to come up with a solution of having one of them own for being the brains behind the operation and the person that she has in mind is Zoe, who really was.

The girls at first, are a little apprehensive but soon enough go along with her plan, Zoe decides to take matters into her own hands by making a facerange page where Frankie has openly admitted, coming up with the idea and pretty much ruining her life at this moment.

Winston Chuey- Frankie’s older brother Miles’ best friend and her boyfriend, begin talking about the blackmailer and how to take down the page. It turns out he was the blackmailer, the whole time and wanted to keep her safe.

She’s angry, because she’s worried about her dad finding out and it ruining his campaign. As she talks to her twin brother Hunter about taking down the page he gives her a few options of what she can do one being telling their dad, before she can one of the reporters already tells him.

She’s embarrassed, and her dad demands she uses an alibi in order not to ruin his reputation.

Menawhile, Zig and his friend Tiny decide to do a bet proposed by Grace and Maya on getting a popular cheerleader’s number, the loser has to do some cheers and wear some cheerleading outfits in front of the whole school.

In this case, they both lose and have to.

Frankie, did one nude shot, before saying she quit, and it was literally bye- bye Frankie by the rest of the girls, she knew it wasn’t right and didn’t want to have any part in it, even if meant her not being on the team.

At the end, she runs away and hugs Winston and tells him how she wants Justice, and how she wants Zoe to pay.


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