The Perks of Smiling…

So, there’s many reasons why we smile and one of them is literally because we’re genuinely thrilled, happy about something whatever it may be…

And there’s some perks to smiling:

1.) Is that it makes you approachable, and genuine and could immediately get a conversation flowing with someone.

This way you’re constantly making new friends, and people would want to be friends with you because your always smiling.

2.) You smiling, could reassure someone especially if their nervous about something e.g. you rejecting them as a friend or even more.

3.) If you have incredible immaculate teeth, SHOW them off!

I mean why not?

4.) It’s amazing how much, you can smile and hide so much c:
And this could be because you simply don’t want to worry people too much, or have to explain all the time what’s wrong.

5.) There’s the fake smile, (however try not too be too broad about this, try at least make it convincing)

6.) Your easily remembered as the one that smiles, all the time at least it’s positive, it’s really good.

7.) Some people, just find you cute and charming, and can’t help but smile back in return.

8.) You can easily laugh, when something is funny too, if you’re already smiling 🙂

Sorry, this is just so random, I like smiling and I had some ideas for perks of smiling so I hope this helps and was enjoyable to read 🙂
This has happened many times, for me.

Thanks for your time,
Lizzy 🙂


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