#Liz Talks: PLL Season 5 episode 14 (recap)

Okay, so we see the girls aka ”the liars” at Mona Vanderwaal’s funeral, the weird thing was her body wasn’t in the white casket as the anonymous foe as we know simply as -A has her and has put her somewhere.

The girls are all wearing black dresses, with flower chains the immediately spot Alison walking towards the direction of the Church, though she stops as she sees Alison’s Mum (Mom)- American Spelling.

While she’s walking, Aria asks the girls ”Showing up to your own victim’s funeral?” and one of the girls wasn’t too sure who said it, was like ”classy” probably Spencer in sarcasm.

Alison tries to send her condolences, with not the best of results.

Alison’s mum/mom becomes erratic and starts asking questions to Alison. ”Where’s my daughter?” In anger whilst crying, and slaps Alison pretty hard.

She stares in shock and anger, whilst in disbelief she couldn’t believe that she slapped her.

The same day, Hanna is seen at Mona’s house and stops suddenly as she sees Mona’s mum/mom wandering around her in her room looking melancholy(sad, really sad) and reassures Hanna that she was sorry for what she witnessed at the funeral; and explained it was just the fact of seeing Alison and knowing her history with Mona and how she treated her daughter.

Hanna says it’s okay and asks her if there’s anything she wants needed to be done round the house.

Mona’s Mum, says it’s okay and scoffs when she talks about having no body of her daughter, and having a funeral and asks Hanna in disbelief.

Hanna answers: by simply saying ”You wanted a way to say goodbye, we all did, and that funeral has helped so many people.

Mona’s Mum retorted by saying ”I hope it helped somebody.”

Meanwhile, Aria is with Ezra at his bookstore thing, and gets bombarded with questions with Ezra who’s curious into finding out how her younger brother Mike is coping with the loss of Mona, as they were dating.

Aria tells him no, as she was the one standing in the way and trying to break them up twice.

Ezra comes up with the solution of trying to get Mike to come and help him, so that he can try talking to him.

Aria agrees.

Spencer’s Mum/Mom is in the courthouse trying to fight her case, in getting the charges dropped for her as she was charged for the murder of Mona. She didn’t do it.

Her bail was revoked.

Spencer is panicking and frantic, and upset that she’s getting the blame for something she didn’t do.

Beforehand, Toby and Detective Tanner are talking at the police station where Tanner is talking about how Mrs Dilaurentis (Jessica aka Ali’s Mum) witnessed someone(Spencer) murder someone – that was wearing identical clothing to Alison that (famous yellow top outfit); and told a police.

This happened two years ago.

Toby questions her, and asks where has the evidence been.

She clearly states that it’s hidden securely within the files of Detective Darren Wilden who’s deceased.

Toby says that Jessica Dilaurentis was having an affair with Bethany’s dad, and someone paid Detective Wilden to keep it quiet.

Paige has to leave, her parents want her to be somewhere safe.

Emily isn’t happy, and meets her at the airport and it’s all bittersweet and upsetting.

Caleb has it’s own place, but the lease is in his mum’s name who’s helping him out until he gets sorted, he’s visited by Aria who buys him a coffee. And start investigating, she becomes curious – as he uses some sort of deciphering device to channel Mona’s activity and find out who could have possibly killed her.

Aria decides to ask if Caleb can help hack into the college, and see why she didn’t get accepted – as she did well in her interview, as this could also be the work of -A.

As she goes back to find Ezra in his bookstore thing. -A is lurking about and nails her to a wall in some plastic bag that she managed to escape from.

Talk about Scary.

Aria was joined by Aria, earlier that night as she was looking at her college acceptance letter to Browne and discovered she wasn’t accepted.

Alison walks towards her, Aria Panics, tells her that’s she’s -A and that she killed Bethany becomes she was jealous, and killed Mona because she had proof.

Alison tells her to stop calling her that and that she doesn’t have to be afraid.

Aria doesn’t back down, and uses a whistle that gets the attention of people, whilst Alison goes away.

Spencer tries to reason with Jason, to help her with getting the charges dropped.

Which leads, him to interrogate his younger sister.

Spencer’s charges gets dropped, and all is well, though Alison tries to leave with no success and is arrested by the police.

She mentions she was set up by -A and that the girl’s shouldn’t blame her when it happens.

There were a few others, like Ms Grunwald, and such.

But these were the most important, and it’s just really long to write every single thing, I feel the episode was pretty much summed up.

And I will have a theories follow up to this episode, soon 🙂

P.S. and talk about Mike and his part in this episode, and Ms Grunwald and more.

Stay Tuned,
And feel free to leave some comments

-Lizzy 🙂


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