My Theories: PLL Season 5 – Episode 14 :)

So, Mike wasn’t anywhere to be seen at the funeral. Where could he have been?
Alison probably was actually set up by -A; but why was she smiling that time that Detective Holbrook mentioned that her death was a homicide. It was like she wanted this to happen to Mona.

Before Mona died, we knew that she had proof on Alison possibly being -A.

As much as I wanted this to be true, I had some doubts seeing as it was too obvious and the -A reveal won’t be so early in the season.

It wouldn’t be as exciting…

The thing is, Alison possibly may know who the identity of A is though and is keeping it a secret, but it’s not really working out so well seeing as she’s in Jail and has been charged for the death of Mona.

Cece as well has only appeared I think once in this season, in the Christmas episode and only came to visit if she was responsible for the death of Detective Wilden, couldn’t she possibly have had the knack now to kill someone else?

What really is up with her?

Also, Jason’s finally made an appearance after being absent for a while, and there was a time earlier in the season when he was acting really creepy and suspicious to his sister. Watching her while she was asleep like he was going to kill her.

As Mike, was at the book store with Ezra when he was asking him questions, he was defensive and angry which is understandable as he’s – just lost his girlfriend (Mona).

That time that Aria, returned to the book store to look for Ezra he was nowhere to be seen and this could still be Mike dressed up in a hoodie to scare her for a little bit, maybe as payback for the way she was treating Mona.

-A is definitely playing tricks with the minds of these girls, making it easy to allow Alison to get the blame as she hasn’t really been helping herself, by acting suspicious, kissing Holbrook and trying to get everyone to follow her lead all the time. Just like the old times.

And I like how all the girls stand up for themselves, and don’t allow her behaviour to escalate.

-A could possibly be another girl, as the person we saw had blonde hair and it was long and the body resembled that of a girl. Or could this be a decoy?

In fact, it possibly could be Bethany.

And Bethany isn’t dead.

Bethany, could be doing this as a favour to Alison, but why?

She wasn’t really fond of Alison’s Mum/Mom Jessica, and I was sure she didn’t really like Alison either.

Why was Jessica, so invested in spending time with Bethany when she was in Radley?

She was on the board, which meant she was working there somehow to get things in order, but she took her out e.g. the ranch that Emily and Spencer visited one time.

And in the Christmas Episode, Young Alison notices that there’s two identical dresses, which her mum tells her to lie about.

Ms Grunwald also, is really strange and suspicious does she actually know where Mona is?

She described it to Hanna.

And we know she definitely isn’t in Rosewood, so where could she be?

Could she be placed,somewhere near that Motel perhaps?

-Lizzy 🙂


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