Life as a Musical… thoughts/opinions:)

Wow! So, if my life was a musical… It would be great, as I can simply burst into song in any given moment and sing my heart out. 

Imagine that? :O

Not only that, but even being able to just avoid reality at times, even when your walking out of your house or anywhere you automatically have a costume on for that particular scene or song.

Let’s just say it would be a lot more exciting; if I had to explain something to someone I wouldn’t really necessarily need to ”talk” to them perse but sing it to them e.g. my mood, how I’m feeling in that particular day.

Obviously, there would be talking scenes whenever but at least it won’t be too many (it depends) – I can even be my own director.

Decide what’s going to happen, when I want it to happen.

Everyone would be happy once they burst into song, I love musicals so much, so why not?

Singing is something that does keep me happy for a few hours; so this should be a breeze! 🙂

There could also be some downsides though, there’ll probably be times you don’t want to sing but it will be like living in a designed musical where it’s just singing more than actual dialogue.

I will love it though! 😀

Yours Gleefully,
Lizzy 🙂


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