Thoughts on: Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure happens a lot more, than most people would think.

Especially, when watching Degrassi, an individual may feel the need to impress their friends by doing something and this could either be good or bad. However, it’s more bad than good.

These are also informal agents of socialisation – and this just means that they are not official agents within society that have some sort of prominent power e.g. police, magistrates, judges, mps and etc.

If your friends and close ones, support and encourage you to do well with your studies, that’s a positive sanction and benefits an individual to achieving and being the best they can be in all their endeavours. 🙂

That’s awesome!

However, you shouldn’t feel the need to do something bad, like steal from someone’s else just because your friend is doing so. If they really were a true friend; then they would understand why – you don’t feel comfortable in doing that and support your decision no matter what.


So, these are just my thoughts/opinions on the matter.

May be Updated 🙂

P.S. the fancy words, sanction informal agents of socialisation – learnt from Sociology

Did great in that subject c:

Thanks for your time, you all
-Lizzy 🙂


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