Degrassi Talk: Season 14 episode 12 (recap/thoughts)

Degrassi was interesting, and it was all simply because of the payback that Frankie ensued upon Zoe with the help of her boyfriend Winston.

Finally, Eli now knows that he’s actually the father of Clare’s baby, as Imogen spilled the beans to him, and he goes off running to find her. Though, it doesn’t go down too well after he called her a ”Whore” – she tells him how she can’t trust him and yells at him.

At their national championship, the cheerleaders including Zoe Rivas are all anticipating and talking to each other she tells the girls how she didn’t want to blame Frankie but she wanted to protect them – especially from getting into trouble by their parents and being expelled.

She receives a message from an unknown saved number though the message says it’s Zig and she becomes excited and smiles. One of the girls asked if it’s the blackmailer again and she simply says ”No, it’s Zig.” Shay one of the girls tells her to go for it and get her kiss, she goes and meets him.

Isn’t she in for a surprise?

Meanwhile, Miles confronts and slams his dad, for giving them everything and not giving his love and spending enough time with them as a family, his dad goes off on one as all he cares about is his mayor campaign and finding his daughter Frankie.

Miles and his younger brother Hunter; says they both don’t know where she is.

When their dad, goes off on one he slaps Miles’ so hard, and is in shock and quickly apologises.

Miles is angry and in disbelief, and tries to tell his mum about how bad he is with not much luck.

As Zoe goes and meets ”Zig” she meets someone else that’s dressed up in a black cloak and scary looking mask. The person keeps asking her questions about why she allowed someone else to take the blame for Degrassi nudes, and whatever else.

As she tries to escape, Frankie comes out from behind the curtains and asks her a question about why? With a microphone and recorder in her hands.

Zoe’s astonished to find out it was Frankie behind it, and that the person in the black cloak was Winston who admits to being the blackmailer.

Miles is in the school corridor and trying to put something a locker, he is quickly joined by Maya who is curious in to what he’s doing.

Miles gives her a hand written note, and says when she finds his Sister Frankie, that she should give it to her.

Maya tells him, she doesn’t know where she is.

Miles gets angry, when he talks about his dad, and what he did, and why he wants to leave. Maya tries to reassure him that it isn’t the answer, he finds a picture of his dad, and puts it on fire and the whole building begins to burn.

They run out, and Frankie, Winston and Zoe are still trapped in the room, Frankie tells Zoe to at least tell the truth for once in her life, and how she was blaming her for it. When they do get out, Zoe stops – a fireman and tells him she needs to tell him something.

Clare allows Eli, to be part of the baby’s life, as he gives her leaflets and brochures for the baby as well as her like parenting/birthing classes and other stuff.


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