Lorde (Singer): ”Bravado.” – Song/Lyrics Interpretation :)

Okay, I listen to this song a lot when I feel like as she has so many good songs and this one I just felt like I knew some sort of message she was trying to get through/convey in the song.

I’m going to take some of the lyrics, and give my interpretation and opinions of what each chunk mean.

”All my life, I’ve been fighting a war
I can’t talk, to you or your friends 
It’s not only you, my heart jumps around
When I’m alluded to, this will not do.”

– This much of it could possibly mean that she or the character she’s created has gone through such a rough time and couldn’t really talk to anyone about it. Which could be anything e.g. losing friends, lies, etc.

The heart jumps around could suggest that she feels scared about something, and being alluded could be it being created all in her head, like she’s crazy.

Next chunk ~

”Cause I was raised up, to be admired
To be noticed, but when your withdrawn
It’s the closest thing, to assault when all eyes are on you
This will not do.”

Right, this bit could imply that being raised up to be admired, was to show off her talents with the world and be respected. Being, slightly vulnerable and scared about people staring could have made her feel uneasy at some point.

Which is relatable, I get so shy around people, and worried and uncomfortable when they stare.

”It’s a switch flipped, it’s a pill tipped back
It’s a moon eclipse, oh whoa oh
And I could tell you that when the lights come on
I’ll be ready for this, it’s in your bloodstream a collision of atoms
That happens before your eyes, a marathon run or a mountain you scaled
Without thinking of size.”

This suggests her being ready, and having that drive and confidence to be able to perform and share her talent with the world. And oh these intense ways of explaining it, could show some intensity.

This is just some parts of the song, I forgot the 2nd verse to analyze but I will just share the lyric video with you, for you to have a think and feel of the song.


I like it, it’s slightly motivating, and it’s a nice fun song to sing along to.

P.S. I know all the words

-Haha, thanks
Lizzy ;p 🙂


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