I love Music: Thoughts/Opinions

I just love music, and how it takes me to a whole different world, I enjoy it so much and can dance and sing a long with the music whenever.

I love music, because I love the joy it brings to my mood instantly, it just brightens my day in such a way. It also helps with how your feeling on a particular day, and is very calming, I honestly feel so relaxed with listening to music.

Seeing, as I like so many songs, and different types of music it’s great to just be in the zone and allow yourself to travel with the music. It’s great!

Especially, in some slow and great emotional songs the delivery of each lyric and the beat/tone of the music can really touch you in the way of what experiences you’ve gone through e.g. break- up. It makes you feel included and that you can relate to it even more.

It blocks things out: that you don’t want to hear e.g. people, noise and everything. I like it to just be and the music.

It’s a great outlet, for your emotions too.

If it’s really upbeat and great, then dance along.

The world without music, would be very strange, it’s really such a great escape and a way to just stay relaxed. It’s one of the greatest joys.

One of my favourites is ”Warwick Avenue” by Duffy.


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