Wicked: The Musical #One of My Loves♡; thoughts/opinions

Where to actually begin, with me actually going in depth about this beautiful exciting musical. When I watched it, it was spectacular, I loved everything about it and yeah well let me start somewhere if I can anyway.

Basically, when I watched this it was sometime around 2012, I think as I recall and I was in the Victoria Palace Theatre, and the actress that portrayed Elphaba was Rachel Tucker AKA the Wicked witch of the West I think it is.

And it was brilliant, it was for this thing called ”Project Week” that I had whilst I was still in Secondary School and I was glad I chose this as I love musicals so much; and this was definitely one I wanted to see.

The concept was great, and the storyline.

If your a lover of Wizard Of Oz, I totally recommend this and I’m sure that you’ll love it too, it’s basically the untold story of Oz which is the tagline btw.

You find out why Elphaba’s the way she is, and the struggles she has to endure.

And the surprise, she has a sister called Nessarose.

She was actually in fact born Green, and there’s surprises along the way and relations to the story of Wizard of Oz.

Glinda the good witch, is also involved in all the action.

I was so close to actually meeting Lee Mead; as he starred in it as Fiyero.

It had such amazing songs that I absolutely love and listen to on a regular basis if I got the chance to watch it again. I probably would, in all honesty.

You can tell I love it so much as it’s currently my header for my blog :)’

One of my favourite songs is ”What is this Feeling.”

Rating: A definite 10/10:)

This will probably be updated, so stay tuned! 🙂

With many, smiles
Lizzy 🙂 x


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