Okay, so this happened(One accomplishment achieved):)♡

Alright, I don’t always use my tumblr blog that much, but check it often when I can and I’ve queued some posts.

I wished her a happy birthday a few days after her actual birthday, and she replied just now, as I checked my tumblr. 🙂

Which pretty much made my day better than it was c:

She’s in a group with her sisters, the actress China Anne Mcclain from ANT farm on Disney Channel and their oldest sister Sierra.

Forming the sister group band, Mcclain.

Her name is Lauryn Mcclain, and I do like some of their songs, and think they’re all talented. :)’

I liked when they were all younger and they starred in Tyler Perry’s film, ”Daddy’s Little Girls” alongside Idris Elba, it was actually good 🙂

And I like Tyler Perry, and think he’s great, with a lot of his films and his acting.

They’ve done some songs for Disney related movies, which is also good.

A great one is ”The Great Divide.” For one of the Tinkerbell Movies.

Feeling Happy! :)’

Yours Truly,
Lizzy :):D


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