The Fault in Our Stars (Book Review)♡Love It; Thoughts/Opinions

So, before reading this I kept being told to at least read the book first, which was what I was planning on doing anyway. So I started the book last year, and finished it in that year and then watched the film & boy was I excited! 

The book is about Hazel Lancaster who has Level 3 Thyroid Cancer that has spread to her lungs, and is forced to attend a support group weekly where she meets the prominent Augustus Waters, whose the best friend of Isaac an attendee of the support group.

She’s only 16.

This book was great, and I loved reading it daily, you got a feel of what Augustus was about and the same with Hazel and they both came together as friends and well…

I’ll leave you to read the book, shall I 🙂

Psst…  Hazel has such a love for books which was relatable as I’m a bookworm too.

The book mentioned within the book is fictional and is called ”An Imperial Affliction” by the fictional author Peter Van Houten.

Who they get to meet in Amsterdam, through e-mail, to his assistant Ludewij (Lu – de -Vi)

Another thing that brings them closer together, is that they both share a common ground with one another and that’s the fact that they are both suffering from cancer.  Augustus has osteosarcoma which made him lose one of his legs and uses a prosthetic.

Isaac who’s losing his remaining eye, due to his severity of his cancer.

The book was beautifully written; and enjoyable, their mannerisms and sometimes the metaphors that Augustus comes up with. And the fact, Hazel has some sarcasm makes it enjoyable and fun to read.

10/10 🙂

You should definitely read the book first, before watching the movie c:

The feels…

And the books are always so detailed, and you can imagine the scenarios in your head, right? 🙂

Thanks for reading,
Lizzy 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Fault in Our Stars (Book Review)♡Love It; Thoughts/Opinions

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