Hairspray: The Musical:)♡ – What I like/thoughts

Okay, the amount of times I’ve seen this movie, is numerous so I don’t even know but I enjoy watching it because well it’s fun, exciting and great. 🙂

I liked the fact that Tracy was strong willed and wanted to do what she wanted which was be on her favourite show ”The Corny Collins Show.”  She and her friend Penny (played by Amanda Bynes) head on to the studio and well Tracy auditions.

Her audition goes well, and she becomes a cast member of the show, much to her parents dismay, who once they’ve realised she’s on it are thrilled.

This was a remake/second film adaptation of the 1988 one of the same name (but I haven’t seen that one).

The opening song was just like spectacular, I often hum it or just sing along with the song. ”Oh oh, woke up today feeling the way, I always do, oh oh oh, hungry for something that I can’t eat, then I hear that beat, that rhythm of town starts calling me down, it seems like a message from high above pulling me out to the smiles and the streets that I love.” GOOD MORNING BALTIMORE!! 😀

Also the relation it has to events that have occurred in the past, racial segregation which is the cause of the character Seaweed’s mum and his little sister Inez and his mum who is played by Queen Latifah and is also on the CC show with other African Americans.

And how they’re treated is not nice, and unfair, though things seem to become resolved later on.

So it’s informative and enjoyable.

Especially, Tracy’s affections with Link Larson who is played by Zac Efron and is a cast member of the show.

Link becomes friends and understands Tracy better when he deliberately says something mean to the teacher because he didn’t like the way his girlfriend or ex in this case was treating Tracy.

So, they both get sent to detention and meet Seaweed and his friends, and get taught dance moves which were great especially the moment Seaweed breaks into song and sings: ”Run and tell that.”

The most significant part I guess, was when his little sister had her little part in the song.

John Travolta brings his comedic side once again in this role, as he plays Tracy’s mum ”Edna Turnblad.”

I love the duet with Tracy, in ”Welcome to the 60’s love this song!:)

Without Love is another, sang by the group meaning Seaweed, Link, Penny and Tracy.

New Girl in Town- is great 🙂

Come so far (got so far to go) I love this one, so much I sing it a lot.

My love for musicals, is just too much and this is definitely a favourite, and there’s more of the songs that I like in the movie :)’

Rating: 10/10 😀 – love and it’s just fun

Well, you should totally watch it if you haven’t already!

Much appreciated,
Lizzy :):D


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