Divergent – My Book Review :)

Divergent is the first book, in a Trilogy by American author Veronica Roth who was an executive producer for the film. 

I liked the book, and I listened to the audio book which consisted of 39 chapters so yeah it was long, but I enjoyed it. 🙂 The reason for this was because it was definitely one of the books I wanted to read, but I just didn’t have the time because of things like college(U.K. one) and my writing and there were some books I was reading. And well, yeah those are a few reasons.

Another thing, was I did actually read along with it in my head that is.

The book is about a girl called Beatrice Prior who lives with her mum and dad, and younger brother Caleb. Who has to take an aptitude test, which will determine which faction she will be in. Something that was decided by the government.

Her results are inconclusive, meaning she fits into more than one category making it harder to choose a faction she should belong to.

Tori is the one that’s in charge of doing the tests.

When it comes down to choosing in the choosing ceremony, she decides to go for Dauntless which is all about Bravery and Strength. She has to use a knife and cut the palm of her hand slightly and let her blood drain in the bowl for Dauntless.

Her brother chooses Erudite – which is being kind, and loyal.

When she officially starts, there’s a series of initiations that all the dauntless initiates must undergo which is manic, scary and life threatening but it’s also to show how determined they are and their bravery to stay within the faction.

In them there’s a mixture of Dauntless Born which just means if any of their family were dauntless members they are too.  And Dauntless transfers like Beatrice who shortens her name to Tris.

There she meets two leaders Eric and Four, who’s real name Tobias is revealed later on in the book.

This book was really interesting, and the person that I was listening to read it was fairly good too :)’

Action- packed, with so much happening.

Rating:☺☺☺☺☺ 5/5

P.S. I can’t actually wait to listen to the audio book for Insurgent c:

-Lizzy x 🙂


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