General 101: Forming a Book Club

Forming a book club can be very fun, when your sharing your love for reading and books with other people. In other words, book lovers, bookworms whichever you like to call it, you get to all have an input on what story you would like to read and all talk about certain things that’s happened within the book.

Basically, I’ve been thinking of forming one myself and is slightly the inspiration behind me writing/typing up this post. I remember going to one when I was in Secondary School, and it didn’t last that long but – I enjoyed the time that I was there and we also got to eat some snacks e.g. cookies, biscuits.

The fact that each day, someone can come up with a suggestion and synopsis of what the book was about also helps to make it engaging. Spending it with people that are lovely and friendly makes for a calm atmosphere.

Another fun thing, is having the book club in different locations to help change things up once in a while e.g. it being at a park, a friend’s house, your house, back garden etc.

I mean what isn’t there to enjoy, you get to read books (which I love) and have some snacks and drinks and probably even form a short piece from a character’s point of view.

It can also be plays, that you can do too.

Yours Truly,
Lizzy 🙂


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