Here I go again: Ideas on making my own show♡

Yes, I’m sure you’ve realised the title of my post is identical to that of a song. It’s ”Here I go again” by Whitesnake. Anyways, this will be about my ideas of making a reporter/journalist type of show to be put up on YouTube (if I actually go through with it.)

I’ve only decided of this recently, as a way to get myself known because that is what I want SO MUCH! And I always have ideas especially for all my loves e.g. writing, songs, poems and etc. This would be an opportunity for me; that I would take with no second thoughts and just dive right into it.

~Another reason, is because I actually want to get a journalist/reporter job and be writing for newspapers and magazines and share my talents and skills. The benefits that would come out of doing this is endless…

I can help people that are also trying to work on their craft of trying to be successful in their desired professions and interview them from the times they are doing gigs, and local performances. And get their views on topics and ask questions on their plans for their future in their profession.

I mean, how cool is that?

I know I would honestly love interviewing.♡

Also, getting opportunities from companies and local newspapers, magazines that instantly want me would be like my dreams are finally coming true (in that sense, literally).

I can continue doing this, and having fun and working hard, and probably be offered the opportunities of interviewing celebrities.♡

Well, I’ll keep you updated for further announcements ~
Thank you, all c:
Lizzy 🙂


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