My Thoughts/Opinions: Poetry (What I like)☾♥

I tend to like reading poetry, and that’s just because of the amazing feels you get after reading them especially when they can tell a story in a simplified form, and are just simply relatable to experiences you’ve gone through.

Poetry is one of the ways to get yourself heard through the forms of words & writing. Knowing the message you’re trying to create to your readers is important to, your trying to convey emotions and feelings within them.

Sharing how you feel on a particular day, is a good way to express your feelings and let them out sort of like how a diary can be beneficial to you in your time of need.

I just love how great the writing is, in a lot of poems from different poets.

Sometimes, your literally just left speechless because you’ve just read an amazing poem and your left in awe. Not knowing what to do anymore.

However, this can also help you get inspiration in your own poetry. E.g. use certain words, to make it come across as expressive and unique.

Repetition can also be good, but shouldn’t be used overly.

It’s a good leeway, for any writers: authors, journalists, screenwriters, playwrights etc.

For example, before I wasn’t really writing poetry just stories and now I’m doing that, plays, and stories and enjoying doing all of them.

I love poetry ♥

Especially, when they can be meaningful.

This may be updated, if I have anything else to add.

Okay, thank you all for reading
~Yours Kindly,
Lizzy :)♥


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