Update: Stories/Books & Etc. ☾♥ – (Personal)

Right, Everyone this is just going to be a general/personal update on some things that’s been going on. Including my books/stories and other general things that’s been up.

Firstly, I’m still currently writing one of my stories ”The Dark Side” and with this I’m on chapter 21 at the moment nearly done with the story. I enjoyed writing this one, but sometimes I’m left wondering, okay this is good how am I going to end it? You know? However, I constantly come up with ideas from time to time that I often jot down or incorporate it in the story.

Quick Synopsis:
16 year old Cecelia gets a little drunk, becomes lost and is invited in by a woman called Felicity and a 17 year old boy, who she realises are into mythology with their love for mythical creatures and knows immediately something’s up in the way they behave. They are hiding something. And feels the need to help them once she gets to know them better. Genre: Mystery/Thriller.

This story of mine has hit 5.9k reads on my Wattpad account, and I’m thoroughly overjoyed by the response to my book. :)’

It’s really such a great feeling, when so many people enjoy reading your book/work. So grateful and pleased by it all.

I have so many other stories that I’m writing, one being TSOD (The sign of Danger 2: Closer to the Truth) which is the sequel to my other book ”The Sign of Danger.” Which if you were wondering is also a mystery/thriller.

I’m still writing original poems, when I can and will post more sooner or later.

College has also been getting in the way, so I’m just overworked and stressed honestly.

There’s projects that I’m doing in groups, one being a music video that needs to be finished.

And I’m constantly coming up with: ideas for  my own reporter show, and a film adaptation for my book ”The Sign of Danger.”

Furthermore, a book of mine being published too.

So Stay tuned!

Thank you all so much,
Lizzy ♥


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