The Doctor: Original Poem (By Lizzy)♡

This is a poem, of mine that’s written in story form, and could also work as an inspiration if I want to write a story/book based off it. There probably will be sequels to the poem, so stay tuned! And I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Here it is!

The Doctor (an original poem)
I look down, and see her on the floor
the doctor’s arrived, I’m sure.
He stares at me with such intensity.
I didn’t understand why, it had a huge impact on me

I begin to ask: Is she going to be okay?
he looks at me, and says ‘’No way.’’
I ask him: ‘’what do you mean by that?’’
I’m sorry, dear, It’s just the simple facts.

Looking at him I assume the worst
I felt like he was spewing lies to me of course.
And just when my eyes begin to form tears
I see him smile slyly from ear to ear.

Was this his plan from the very start?
To upset me?  and break my heart?

I begin to get angry, I couldn’t let this be
And have this man, take my happiness from me.
What was his plan, and why today?
I had a feeling, he wouldn’t go away.

I cry, and cry and cry as I may
And I couldn’t even contemplate, what I was to say.
The doctor says: She was too weak.’’
At least now, she has some peace.

©2014 Lizzy


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