My Birthday: Turning 19.♡ & Research for my Show

Oh my word! It’s my Birthday tomorrow! I’m actually a little excited, and can’t wait for what’s in store. I’m another year older. And I know I’ll have fun! 🙂

So, this is another update sort of post as I’ll be also researching and watching interviews(do this already). To help get an idea of what sort of atmosphere and feel I want, and get some inspiration into – what sort of questions to ask, I need to develop similar mannerisms in order to feel at ease when the respondents are answering and even when I’m asking questions.

Another thing, is I’ve got a few people to interview with the help of my big sister :)’

She has connections, and this helps a lot!

I’m a little stuck, with a title for the time being of one that best reflects me and what the show is about. My sister has taken on the duty to help me out with this, so I’ll keep you all updated to the journey process of my show. :)’

I’m honestly excited about this too.

I’m just working hard to achieve all my dreams, and make them a reality.

P.S. I’ll also keep you all updated about how much fun I had on my birthday, and what I did. :)’

Well, thank you all so much,
By Lizzy ♡ 🙂


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