General thoughts/opinions: Meghan Trainor & Original Poem

Okay, so I really like Meghan Trainor and her music too, it’s so enjoyable and I always want to dance along and sing along with the music too. Here I will also include an original poem inspired by her, called ”Meghan Trainor” and I all hope you enjoy it, I wrote it yesterday.

You should all listen to her songs, from her debut album ”Title.”

Her music has like 50’s influence on them, and has a doo – wop sound which I think is really lovely. She also just seems like a really nice person.

If your a fan already, that’s awesome, instant friends! 🙂

Well, here’s my poem.

Meghan Trainor: Original Poem
Meghan, is so great
That if I met her, we’d celebrate
Her music, is awesome, and I always feel to dance
Just doing what I can, to get a chance.
Is what I long for, what I need
That chance to just tell her, how she inspires me.
I wish I could talk to her, become a friend
And stay in contact, till the very end.

©2015 Lizzy


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