Glee: Thoughts/Opinions & Recap – Season 6 Episode 7♡

I absolutely love Glee, and it’s definitely one of my favourite shows. I’m up to date with the show meaning I’m on the last season (season 6) which consists of only 13 episodes. I know for a fact I’ll be slightly upset when it’s completely finished; I’ve grown to like a lot of the characters and it’s just enjoyable especially with the songs and the comedic aspects of it all. 

I remember watching when it was first shown on T.V. and this was in the year of 2009 so I was only 13, and I immediately loved it. Especially with all the adverts, showing it, so it was pretty much interesting to me and appealing. Cory Monteith the actor that sadly passed away, in 2013 (2 years ago) was so memorable and lovely also let’s not forget funny too. He played Finn Hudson Mckinley’s star quarterback and was the best friend to Noah ”Puck” Puckerman played by Mark Salling.

Ryan Murphy was the creator of the show, and did a good job too. Seeing as it’s such a hit show with many fans made the show have more than one season due to it’s popularity.

All the relationships and drama that ensues within the show, with the characters are great and interesting. Especially in season 1 Finn who was dating Quinn at the time found out that she was pregnant; and thought he was the dad until he finds out that it’s in fact his best friend Puck who is the father of Quinn’s baby. Therefore, putting a strain on their relationship. Who could forget that?

There was also when Rachel played by (Lea Michele) fancied Finn Hudson. And was jealous that it was Quinn that had him.

There’s so much more that I like about the show, that I could go on longer about… However, I’m going to recap an episode that’s to date seeing as I’m up to date. 🙂

In Season 6 episode 7: So much happened, Blaine realised that he still had feelings for Kurt which I was happy about. 🙂 Because I honestly ship them. The actor that plays him Darren Criss (I think is handsome, I fancy him).

Dave Karofsky was saddened but supportive, when Blaine told him about having a duet with Kurt and that he kissed him, he didn’t really have to say much. Karofsky sussed it out.

Rachel is having a difficult time in adjusting to life outside of her house that she grew up in as her gay dads have sold the house. And all of her memories with the glee club and friends are there, she develops a connection with Sam and they kiss and have a duet. ”Cyndi Lauper’s ”Time after Time”

Which I absolutely loved.

Everyone and I mean everyone, Mercedes, Artie, Sam, Roderick, Jane, Kitty and the rest all help her see that everything is going to be okay once she leaves the house and that her dreams can come true. It’s all part of growing up and being independent.

Mr Schue (Will) played by Matthew Morrison is having difficulties in holding his reign to teach this other glee club ”Vocal Adrenaline” as they are just pranksters and trouble makers. And then there’s a loud mouthed boy that always back chats not cool lol.

He’s deciding on looking for a job, and struggling.

He gets reassurance from his wife, Emma Pilsbury (Jayma Mays) about how they’re going to be okay and that something better will come for Will, something like that. 🙂

One of the breakthrough parts, of this lovely episode is that Will pranks Vocal Adrenaline and takes them to the auditorium where they are met by Wade ”Unique” Adams (Alex Newell) singing in a dress on stage. The song sang is ”I know where I’ve been”   from one of my favourite musicals ”Hairspray.”

He is joined by Coach Beiste who is now a transgender character, from being Shannon to Sheldon – as he had his car vandalised by VA and is finding it even difficult to adjust within the school. Everyone else is supportive even Sue, yes I said it right Sue.

They sing and are joined by a whole choir of Transgender people, trying to show being accepting is respected and send out a powerful message.

After that, Will’s had enough and shouts at VA and quits. Only to be given the job of helping out with the Glee club by Rachel and Kurt.

-Well, those were just the most important parts, I think 🙂

Much Love,
Lizzy 🙂 x ♡


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