Free to Fly: My Original Poem♡

This is an original poem, I wrote on Monday, the title was from a song by Meghan Trainor (Yes, I’m a fan) called ”Free to Fly” and also in relation to how I’m feeling. ~ Well, I hope you enjoy! 😀

Free to Fly: Original Poem- By Lizzy
High! Flying high, in the sky…
I sometimes feel, how beautiful, the feeling would be
to live like how birds do.

I wonder, as I watch them fly in the blue sky.
With their wings spread out, as they soar into the atmosphere.


Peaceful, and delicate: in their stride.

As they take their ride, high up in the sky.

I think to myself: ‘’I would like to be a bird’’

Being able to fly, and still be able to go to the places you want to go.

See and meet the people, you’d want to know.

I nodded.

I should be able to be free to fly, like they do.

Free in the sense, of being able to break- through.

Through all the barriers, that confine me
doesn’t help me breathe, easily.

All my troubles, wouldn’t phase me
won’t hurt me, as I’ll be flying peacefully.

So then again: I should be free to fly.

Have my time to shine, even if it’s just in the sky.

And birds are just lovely

There’s so much to come out, of just being me.

©2015 Lizzy A-Williams


Cry: Original Poem [By Lizzy]

This is an original poem from me that I started a few days ago, probably even last week and just finished today. ~ so enjoy! It’s relatable, and got inspiration from some daily experiences.

Cry: Original Poem by Lizzy
I try, time and time again…
I do try, but then I cry.
Tears roll down my face, as I try to wear a smile.
The hurting, inside, is what makes me realise
that nothing’s easy, I’ve simply had it.

The hurting, the pain, just about drives me insane.
It’s like a constant feeling, an urge to just shout.
Shouting can be immensely helpful, at times.

And still I sometimes find myself crying.
As I watch the tears roll down my face, I pause.
In an instant, within that moment, I look to the floor.
I shrug my shoulders and say: ‘’I don’t know anymore.’’

I take a deep breath, trying to help myself compose
and still when someone comforts me, I don’t want to impose.
However, they always need to insist
No matter how hard, I try to resist.

I mean it’s great that some people care,
and always want to help through these difficult times
and prove to me they will always be there.

It’s rather frustrating.
Being bored all the time is annoying.

Though, I still try to stay strong, each day, as I go along.

©2015 Lizzy A-Williams
All Rights Reserved, shouldn’t be used.

Thoughts & Original Poem ”Pick Me Up” :)

Okay, here’s a poem I wrote a few days ago, or maybe last week and I got the inspiration from listening to a Meghan Trainor song also called ”Pick Me Up” it’s how I got the title and I thought it fit rather well. The poem is about someone being there for a friend, and – how it really helps brighten their mood.

Here it Is 🙂 Enjoy!~

Pick Me Up: Original Poem- By Lizzy
you’re always there, always near.
Near me, all the time, I love the feeling
of you, by my side.
Even, when your not there and give me a surprise
I’m thankful, from the bottom of my heart.
And just like that, we restart everyday
you’re so special, in every way.

Even when I’m sad, you know how to turn a bad day
to a happy one, and for that I have so much fun.

I don’t know how you do it, but you just seem to know
how to pick me up maybe it’s your presence, because
if you weren’t here, your absence would most likely take
a toll on me, surely.

©2015 Lizzy A-Williams

Can’t Buy Me Love (1987): My Film Review c:

I watched this movie today, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I do like 80’s movies and any old movies from the 80, 90’s and so forth if they are interesting. 🙂 So, this is just going to be my film review on it. The film also got it’s name from a Beatles song of the same name.

The film stars Patrick Dempsey and Amanda Peterson, as the two teenagers that end up making a deal being in a fake relationship. Patrick Dempsey plays Ronald Miller a nerd who wants a chance to get close to the popular cheer – leading captain Cindy – played by Amanda.

She borrows her mum’s suede jacket, and wears it at a party and Quint a popular jock spills red wine on it making it impossible to get the stain out.

At an Opportunity moment, Ronald shows up at the store and makes an offer/negotiation on pretending to be his girlfriend for a month, and he will give her 1,000 dollars in return to replace the jacket.

With no other options, she reluctantly accepts the offer. And helps Ronald in return look cool, and pretends to go with the facade.

With hilarious results, and life lessons being taken into consideration later on.

The film was interesting, and funny.

For that out of 5 stars: it would be 5 🙂

Thanks for reading,
Lizzy 🙂

Into the Woods : Musical Film – 2014 (Review)

Into the Woods, is a 2014 musical fantasy film. Which was adapted to screen by James Lapine from his musical created with Stephen Sondheim, and included an ensemble cast.

I watched this film today, and enjoyed it, it’s a cross- over of different fairy-tales/fables that we know of e.g. Little Red Riding hood, Rapunzel, Cinderella and Jack and the Beanstalk.

The story focuses on a childless couple a baker and his wife, who long for a child they are played by Emily Blunt and James Corden. Who get an unexpected encounter with a witch played by (Meryl Streep) who’s placed a curse on them, for the baker’s father stealing plants and beans from her garden.

The couple then seek out, to get the items that the witch demands them for in order for the curse to be lifted and for them to bore a child.

However, their actions in the process from the couple to the other central characters e.g. Cinderella and etc have serious consequences that they have to put right (rectify).

There were some really nice songs, I liked very much 🙂

And the rating out of five would be: ~ 4/5

You should definitely watch it though, especially if you like musicals and fairy-tales.

If there is anything I would like to add later to my review for this, I will 🙂

-Thanks for reading,
Lizzy 🙂

My Original Poem: ”Boomerang” – by Lizzy:)

Writer/Owner of Blog:
~ A poem I wrote a few days ago, and only finished yesterday.

Boomerang: Original Poem, By Lizzy
‘’Just a Boomerang.’’ Coming back!
I think to myself in my head, what is that I would like instead?
I reassure myself it’s just to find out facts, though is that the actual reason…
I’m coming back?
I mean everything was just left unresolved
and for things to get better there’s things to be solved.
That can make me feel like myself, you know feel whole.

I mean I liked you for a start,
and you just left me with these feelings I still had, it broke my heart.
Which in turn: tore me apart.
I feel like we had something special, something worth fighting for.
And sometimes, I panic, and get a little excited if it’s you at the door.

I just keep coming back, to you
‘’Just a Boomerang, coming back!’’
I feel like there’s so much to just get out in the open.

I feel like I’ve missed my token,
And now all I do is feel broken inside,
I really do hope you realise.

Realise the impact it’s had on me,
I need you to understand what I mean,
If I can have a fresh start that’d be nice.

I don’t want to feel like this everyday…
Like it was just my fault, that our relationship just didn’t work
You were partially to blame for it ending, so please stop pretending.

And make this happen.

So, I guess I’m like ‘’A Boomerang, finally coming back.’’

©2015 Lizzy A-Williams

None of this original content should be used in anyway, through a retrieval system or any sort of device. Without consent from the author/writer.

It being me.  However, do enjoy my original poem: Boomerang 🙂

”So called Lover” Original Poem: By Lizzy

‘’So- Called Lover’’ Original Poem: By Lizzy

So, I thought this was going to be easy
Oh and it’s so not, believe me.
I mean there’s so much to discover,
about my so – called lover.

Every time, there’s something not being said.
That I have, to find out myself instead.
Why the sudden diversion? Why the distance?
Couldn’t we at least join forces for some sort of reassurance?

I tell him everyday, how he’s feeling, if he’s okay
He just grumbles, and nods his head, I look at him thinking…
What’s he said, it doesn’t even have to be said aloud.
He can write it down, on paper, and I’ll still be proud.

So I tell you now there’s something, not right
And when I’m in bed, I’m restless all night.

So there I say it again, there’s a lot to discover

Many things: about my so called lover.

©2015 Lizzy A- Williams
All Rights Reserved, do not use this publication which is an original piece of writing by me.

Thank You!