”So called Lover” Original Poem: By Lizzy

‘’So- Called Lover’’ Original Poem: By Lizzy

So, I thought this was going to be easy
Oh and it’s so not, believe me.
I mean there’s so much to discover,
about my so – called lover.

Every time, there’s something not being said.
That I have, to find out myself instead.
Why the sudden diversion? Why the distance?
Couldn’t we at least join forces for some sort of reassurance?

I tell him everyday, how he’s feeling, if he’s okay
He just grumbles, and nods his head, I look at him thinking…
What’s he said, it doesn’t even have to be said aloud.
He can write it down, on paper, and I’ll still be proud.

So I tell you now there’s something, not right
And when I’m in bed, I’m restless all night.

So there I say it again, there’s a lot to discover

Many things: about my so called lover.

©2015 Lizzy A- Williams
All Rights Reserved, do not use this publication which is an original piece of writing by me.

Thank You!


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