The Theory of Everything (Film) :) Review

So, I watched ”The Theory of Everything” with my cousin yesterday and it was really good and Eddie Redmayne did such a great job portraying Stephen Hawking. 

The film was interesting and in depth, it also starred Felicity Jones as Stephen Hawking’s first wife Jane who he also had three children with: Robert, Lucy and Timothy.

It shows him meeting Jane for the first time at a party, and him as a student in his younger years in Oxford University and how the relationship between the pair both grow and become stronger. It’s a coming of age biographical film.

Stephen was really smart, and constantly trying to find answers to his arguments and theories about science including a black hole and trying to stop time.

One day, as he’s coming out of his University his muscles weaken even in the face and he falls really hard on the concrete floor. With people immediately rushing over to help him.

Want to find out more about his life? I suggest you watch the film c:

Really heartfelt, sad and inspiring.

Also determination is also key in this too.

The life of Stephen Hawking, was one that was filled with such immense talent and skill in science and his profession. He was always so intelligent, and showed such interest in finding out things and trying to figure what worked and didn’t work. He was always thinking, and made sure Jane knew about certain thoughts that he had in trying to come up with a plan; ”A Theory of Everything” and how it even inspired him to write a book with that title.

And he didn’t let anything stop him, from being determined 🙂

Which is so admirable, and has made me want to know about him.

-Lizzy 🙂


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