My Original Poem: ”Boomerang” – by Lizzy:)

Writer/Owner of Blog:
~ A poem I wrote a few days ago, and only finished yesterday.

Boomerang: Original Poem, By Lizzy
‘’Just a Boomerang.’’ Coming back!
I think to myself in my head, what is that I would like instead?
I reassure myself it’s just to find out facts, though is that the actual reason…
I’m coming back?
I mean everything was just left unresolved
and for things to get better there’s things to be solved.
That can make me feel like myself, you know feel whole.

I mean I liked you for a start,
and you just left me with these feelings I still had, it broke my heart.
Which in turn: tore me apart.
I feel like we had something special, something worth fighting for.
And sometimes, I panic, and get a little excited if it’s you at the door.

I just keep coming back, to you
‘’Just a Boomerang, coming back!’’
I feel like there’s so much to just get out in the open.

I feel like I’ve missed my token,
And now all I do is feel broken inside,
I really do hope you realise.

Realise the impact it’s had on me,
I need you to understand what I mean,
If I can have a fresh start that’d be nice.

I don’t want to feel like this everyday…
Like it was just my fault, that our relationship just didn’t work
You were partially to blame for it ending, so please stop pretending.

And make this happen.

So, I guess I’m like ‘’A Boomerang, finally coming back.’’

©2015 Lizzy A-Williams

None of this original content should be used in anyway, through a retrieval system or any sort of device. Without consent from the author/writer.

It being me.  However, do enjoy my original poem: Boomerang 🙂


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