Can’t Buy Me Love (1987): My Film Review c:

I watched this movie today, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I do like 80’s movies and any old movies from the 80, 90’s and so forth if they are interesting. 🙂 So, this is just going to be my film review on it. The film also got it’s name from a Beatles song of the same name.

The film stars Patrick Dempsey and Amanda Peterson, as the two teenagers that end up making a deal being in a fake relationship. Patrick Dempsey plays Ronald Miller a nerd who wants a chance to get close to the popular cheer – leading captain Cindy – played by Amanda.

She borrows her mum’s suede jacket, and wears it at a party and Quint a popular jock spills red wine on it making it impossible to get the stain out.

At an Opportunity moment, Ronald shows up at the store and makes an offer/negotiation on pretending to be his girlfriend for a month, and he will give her 1,000 dollars in return to replace the jacket.

With no other options, she reluctantly accepts the offer. And helps Ronald in return look cool, and pretends to go with the facade.

With hilarious results, and life lessons being taken into consideration later on.

The film was interesting, and funny.

For that out of 5 stars: it would be 5 🙂

Thanks for reading,
Lizzy 🙂


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