Cry: Original Poem [By Lizzy]

This is an original poem from me that I started a few days ago, probably even last week and just finished today. ~ so enjoy! It’s relatable, and got inspiration from some daily experiences.

Cry: Original Poem by Lizzy
I try, time and time again…
I do try, but then I cry.
Tears roll down my face, as I try to wear a smile.
The hurting, inside, is what makes me realise
that nothing’s easy, I’ve simply had it.

The hurting, the pain, just about drives me insane.
It’s like a constant feeling, an urge to just shout.
Shouting can be immensely helpful, at times.

And still I sometimes find myself crying.
As I watch the tears roll down my face, I pause.
In an instant, within that moment, I look to the floor.
I shrug my shoulders and say: ‘’I don’t know anymore.’’

I take a deep breath, trying to help myself compose
and still when someone comforts me, I don’t want to impose.
However, they always need to insist
No matter how hard, I try to resist.

I mean it’s great that some people care,
and always want to help through these difficult times
and prove to me they will always be there.

It’s rather frustrating.
Being bored all the time is annoying.

Though, I still try to stay strong, each day, as I go along.

©2015 Lizzy A-Williams
All Rights Reserved, shouldn’t be used.


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