Free to Fly: My Original Poem♡

This is an original poem, I wrote on Monday, the title was from a song by Meghan Trainor (Yes, I’m a fan) called ”Free to Fly” and also in relation to how I’m feeling. ~ Well, I hope you enjoy! 😀

Free to Fly: Original Poem- By Lizzy
High! Flying high, in the sky…
I sometimes feel, how beautiful, the feeling would be
to live like how birds do.

I wonder, as I watch them fly in the blue sky.
With their wings spread out, as they soar into the atmosphere.


Peaceful, and delicate: in their stride.

As they take their ride, high up in the sky.

I think to myself: ‘’I would like to be a bird’’

Being able to fly, and still be able to go to the places you want to go.

See and meet the people, you’d want to know.

I nodded.

I should be able to be free to fly, like they do.

Free in the sense, of being able to break- through.

Through all the barriers, that confine me
doesn’t help me breathe, easily.

All my troubles, wouldn’t phase me
won’t hurt me, as I’ll be flying peacefully.

So then again: I should be free to fly.

Have my time to shine, even if it’s just in the sky.

And birds are just lovely

There’s so much to come out, of just being me.

©2015 Lizzy A-Williams


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