Lost: An Original Poem~

Here’s another original poem, called ”Lost” and again inspired by constant feelings and experiences that I have.

Lost: Original Poem by Lizzy
It’s difficult, finding your, place
and still trying to go along, with grace.
It can consume so much energy, that you begin to feel…
worn down.

And with looking around:
can come so much uncertainty.

That is not always promising: nor
flattering and rather upsetting.

I tend to feel like this all the time,
just simply feeling lost.

Without any sign of hope,
and constantly feel like there’s
no way to escape.

Escape the feeling.

That I seem to get, constantly
It’s worrying.

Lost, at whatever cost
And still trying to find a way through,
To something extraordinary and new.

Where to go, where to begin?
I should have a way to say I’m satisfied,
I let out a sigh, realising how harder it gets.

That’s a bet.

Even though: I’am lost, hopefully I’ll be able to succeed and get through.

©2015 Lizzy A-Williams


Meeting an Author: Melanie McGrath :)’

Hi, everyone this is going to be a post about meeting the author I contacted and it was really nice, I thoroughly enjoyed the book event yesterday.

The author that I met, was Melanie McGrath. She’s the one I’ve been researching and writing about for this class magazine project in college. I managed to get more information from her, and she – was kind enough to share which I wrote most of them down, she also read an extract from her book ”Hopping” and it was good. 🙂

She also shared the background, and inspiration for one of her other books ”Silvertown” as well as ”Hopping”  they were inspired from some of her family background, the way they both sounded – was immensely insightful, informative and interesting.

Yes, 3 I’s lol

She talked in depth about what ”Hopping/Hot-Picking” was and because they are historical events there was the mention of Henry 6th and World War 2.

I literally took down as many notes, as I possibly could.

There was also a Q and A time, where people asked questions and she answered.

Also, people gave their insight, and knowledge of certain aspects, so it was like constantly learning something new.

Someone brought in a picture of them, hot picking, so it was nice to visualise that and it was a nice picture.

I learnt that ”Hopping” originates from the word ”To Climb”

I also had some biscuits, and managed to take a few pictures with her, which was rather lovely.

I didn’t go by myself though.

Overall, it was an enjoyable experience.

P.S. She remembered me, from being in contact with her, and knew I was Elizabeth lol :)’
She also said that I should let her know, how the project goes, as I have her e-mail now.

Right, okay Wow: An Author Replied to me :)’

This is just going to be a post, about how an author that I contacted and will be seeing tomorrow Melanie McGrath replied to me.
I contacted her yesterday, because of a college project, and I’ll be writing articles and reviews about one of her books e.g. ”Hopping” as that is the one she’ll be talking about tomorrow. (I haven’t read any of her books) but one day I probably will.

She seems nice too, and I’m excited to ask her more questions tomorrow and just have a great experience as I’m a writer too.

I write plays, books, poems and I’m trying to get my work out there and get published and get many more opportunities.

As of now, I’m still writing and I’m writing a short story that I will be submitting for a competition.

I can tell you now, I’m really excited.

And I’ll be attending more book events, which will be enjoyable too.

This will be very insightful, and informative and simply lovely.

P.S. I’ll also let you know, how the book event in Dagenham Library goes. 🙂


The Runaways 2010 (Film Review)

Right, so I watched this movie today, and it was insightful and interesting. This film is based on the 1970’s all girl rock band of the same name and also off a memoir written – by the original lead vocalist Cherie Currie ”Neon Angel: A memoir of a Runaway.”

The film focuses on the formation of the band in 1975 and the relationships they had with one another, more significantly with Joan Jett and Cherie Currie before her departure from the group.

They were managed by their record producer also Kim Fowley.

Dakota Fanning portrayed Cherie Currie, and did a great job, seeing as the band was way before my time.

Kristen Stewart portrayed Joan Jett.

And Riley Keough portrayed Marie Currie (Cherie Currie’s twin)

We also see how determined, Cherie and Joan are which could be a factor why they were becoming so close. Joan met up with Kim and told him about her plans of starting an all girl group and he was interested, which sort of kick-started their careers.

The film, was good, and was also well received by critics.

I will give the film 5 out of 5 stars. 🙂

Watch this film, if you haven’t already!!

Yours Truly,
Lizzy ~

What You Do- Original Poem by me :)

Here’s another original poem, that I’ve written, called ”What You Do” and it’s just simply being grateful for what someone does and helps you with :)’
Anything that you can take from it, is great.  I hope you enjoy!~

‘’What You Do’’: Original Poem by Lizzy
It’s occurred to me, that your something
simply extraordinary.
I don’t know what you do, exactly.
But you help me sometimes, see clearly.

You’re simply a fresh of cool air,
and I feel able to breathe,
and not feel so confined, by all that’s around me.

I’m not drowning, not suffocating
you being with me, makes my troubles go away
Even if just for a moment.

I appreciate that feeling, that it creates
everything else seems little, and evaporates.

Even the smallest of gestures, hold so much value.
Sometimes: you don’t even know how much.

Your presence seems special,
and prevents me from sinking,
into a deep dark hole.That I often feel like I’m falling into.
So thank you, for simply doing what you do.

©2015 Lizzy A-Williams