What You Do- Original Poem by me :)

Here’s another original poem, that I’ve written, called ”What You Do” and it’s just simply being grateful for what someone does and helps you with :)’
Anything that you can take from it, is great.  I hope you enjoy!~

‘’What You Do’’: Original Poem by Lizzy
It’s occurred to me, that your something
simply extraordinary.
I don’t know what you do, exactly.
But you help me sometimes, see clearly.

You’re simply a fresh of cool air,
and I feel able to breathe,
and not feel so confined, by all that’s around me.

I’m not drowning, not suffocating
you being with me, makes my troubles go away
Even if just for a moment.

I appreciate that feeling, that it creates
everything else seems little, and evaporates.

Even the smallest of gestures, hold so much value.
Sometimes: you don’t even know how much.

Your presence seems special,
and prevents me from sinking,
into a deep dark hole.That I often feel like I’m falling into.
So thank you, for simply doing what you do.

©2015 Lizzy A-Williams


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