Right, okay Wow: An Author Replied to me :)’

This is just going to be a post, about how an author that I contacted and will be seeing tomorrow Melanie McGrath replied to me.
I contacted her yesterday, because of a college project, and I’ll be writing articles and reviews about one of her books e.g. ”Hopping” as that is the one she’ll be talking about tomorrow. (I haven’t read any of her books) but one day I probably will.

She seems nice too, and I’m excited to ask her more questions tomorrow and just have a great experience as I’m a writer too.

I write plays, books, poems and I’m trying to get my work out there and get published and get many more opportunities.

As of now, I’m still writing and I’m writing a short story that I will be submitting for a competition.

I can tell you now, I’m really excited.

And I’ll be attending more book events, which will be enjoyable too.

This will be very insightful, and informative and simply lovely.

P.S. I’ll also let you know, how the book event in Dagenham Library goes. 🙂



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