Lost: An Original Poem~

Here’s another original poem, called ”Lost” and again inspired by constant feelings and experiences that I have.

Lost: Original Poem by Lizzy
It’s difficult, finding your, place
and still trying to go along, with grace.
It can consume so much energy, that you begin to feel…
worn down.

And with looking around:
can come so much uncertainty.

That is not always promising: nor
flattering and rather upsetting.

I tend to feel like this all the time,
just simply feeling lost.

Without any sign of hope,
and constantly feel like there’s
no way to escape.

Escape the feeling.

That I seem to get, constantly
It’s worrying.

Lost, at whatever cost
And still trying to find a way through,
To something extraordinary and new.

Where to go, where to begin?
I should have a way to say I’m satisfied,
I let out a sigh, realising how harder it gets.

That’s a bet.

Even though: I’am lost, hopefully I’ll be able to succeed and get through.

©2015 Lizzy A-Williams


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