Update: Poetry Event, Writing & More

Hi, this is just going to be an update post into what I’ve been up to slightly and the mention of a poetry event I attended yesterday. 🙂 – It was fun!
I’ve still been writing, and managed to finally finish writing this short story of mine for this writing competition that I’m going to officially submit in tomorrow. The attachment of my story is already done, so that’s just one less thing to do.

I’ve also been writing my other stories, e.g. ”The List” & ”The Sign of Danger 2” as well as others, I’m still trying to gain opportunities for myself everyday.

The poetry event yesterday; was so amazing! ~ it was great, because I like poetry, I even write it too and my big sister also had a performance with her song & poetry piece. Everyone did a fantastic job all and all, and the involvement in the crowd in some pieces was nice and enjoyable.

I have also been doing my college work, and I don’t have that much to do because I’ve been getting a lot done and out of the way. I finish in 2 weeks – which is great!! 😀

Gaining ideas, and planning on making a YouTube channel that matches my creative flair is also in process too where I’ll be talking about books, gaining ideas, inspiration, t.v. shows and then having my own reporter show etc.

So stay tuned,
Lizzy x 🙂


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