New Update: Ed Sheeran Concert & Writing♥

I went to a concert, at Wembley Stadium, to see Ed Sheeran on Saturday and boy was it a great day! 🙂
I’ve always wanted to go to a concert: to see so many singers/musicians perform (preferably ones that I really like). It was a great experience to actually be there at the stadium, see so many people in the crowd too like over a thousand, as with events such as this I would be watching from home on T.V.

I enjoyed the food I had: which was chips and a sausage with salt as there was no barbeque (only sauce I like). The journey there was quite long, around 2 hours, but I was excited nonetheless to see Ed Sheeran! 🙂 Of course.

There were some songs, I wasn’t familiar with, but the ones I knew were the ones I sang along to. Pictures were taken, and I was so thrilled to be there!♥

He did sing ”Lego House” , ”Small Bump”, ”The A- Team” , ”Thinking out Loud.”

”Small Bump” was really great to sing along to, as I haven’t heard the song in such a long time. And it’s beautiful, truly. x
He also had so much energy, on stage, and constantly had to keep alternating between different guitars.

About Writing♥~
I’ve also still been writing, and I write down ideas I have for other stories of mine in my ideas book. This helps to refresh my memory of what it was that I wanted in particular for that story – and the direction I want it to go in.
My book/story ”The List”   is one of the books I’m currently writing, and I’m on Chapter 6 with this and it’s about two friends Jessica and Hannah who stumble across a list on a lamppost one day only to find that the names on the list, will surely die. They find a girl called Annabelle Harper on the list and find out that she’s died, and they begin investigating and try to prevent themselves being on it.

”The Dark Side”  I’m nearly finished with, currently on chapter 22, and chapters one to 21 are on my Wattpad, feel free to read it 🙂

I take breaks from time to time, to further gain ideas and inspiration for my books, my poems and even my plays. 🙂 Music is a helpful factor in this case too.

Also, getting involved in writing competitions, and trying to create opportunities for myself e.g. writing workshops, writing festivals etc.

I will keep you further updated, on my writing especially c:

Thanks for reading,
Lizzy ♥


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