Spin: Original Poem♡☁

Writer’s Thoughts: This is my original poem ”Spin” I got the title from listening to a song by actress and singer/songwriter Alexz Johnson.” I hope you enjoy it!

Spin: Original Poem by Lizzy
I remember, when you took me for a spin.
You were spinning so fast, you hurt your chin.
Though we had fun, and were smiling all day
you constantly complained, about the pain.

I loved your company, but it drove me insane.
Another time, we were on the grass, just messing around.
And you were astonished at what I found: I called it my lucky charm
and you quickly gave me a hug, with your arms.

It was like a shiny coin, and it was amazing.

We held each other’s hand, and spun around…
I really had such a great time that day, with that spin
And we were having such a thrilling time, that even when we said
We’d be going in a min, we stayed a bit more for another spin.

I said: ‘’Okay, we need to go.’’
You shook your head, and smiled, and said ‘’no.’’

I put my hands on my hips,
and I gave out a heavy sigh;
you looked at me, and looked like you were going to cry.

I immediately rush to your side, and realise
you tried, you were just joking
I began poking, to annoy you
you just smiled, and it was great
and the day was great too.

Especially, that memory of us going on a ride
it was so sunny that day outside.

The weather was hot, and you kept trying to cool me off
buying me Ice- Cream and everything.
There was that scary ride, and it spun us so fast
I nearly surpassed everyone, it was a little fun.

I held onto you…
You didn’t mind that though
You liked the fact I did,
Though you hid it quite well.

That spin, was just something else…
Can’t really, think: of what to say, about it
however, thank you for that day
Everyday, anyways.

©2015 Lizzy A-Williams