My Thoughts: What you gain from Reading♡

This is just my general thoughts on what you can gain from reading, and I’m just sharing what I think and could also help. 🙂

Firstly, reading is immensely beneficial and great to help with your writing. By doing so, you can – immediately gain an understanding of how a particular book is structured and how the story progresses especially with the right terminology and words.

Secondly, how a book starts is a very good foundation, as it can vary a few short words that are descriptive can immediately draw the reader in. Helps you become more imaginative especially if there’s no pictures this makes you focus solely on the story itself, and whether or not it’s interesting and well written.

Also, you can find out what books you like depending on various factors such as: genre and book covers.

Which in turn, could also help you with spelling. Often, there are words that I find in books that I’m not particularly familiar with, using a dictionary is essential as this can give you the meaning of words that can also help extend your vocabulary.

Reading, is also very calming, so be prepared for such a relaxing atmosphere.

Understand why some characters, are the way that they are and whether you can also relate to them in any way possible. It’s also so great, for you to gain ideas for your own stories which can help your story flow.

It can also help give an insight and overview of what can happen in the world, if it mentions little things that are related to some current issues.

It especially gives you more confidence, in many different areas such as: speaking clearly and being able to read out loud.

Well, those are just my thoughts
P.S. if I think of anymore, this will be updated
Thanks, yours truly