How to avoid Writer’s Block: My Thoughts/Advice♡

This is going to be a post about how to avoid Writer’s block, which I sometimes get myself. These are just some ways to avoid getting it, I’m not an expert or anything. However, I hope it helps 🙂

1.) Planning
Having a set plan, can make things a lot easier.
So, whenever you have the time do this.
Ideas will flow, that will help you have a basis of your story.
These include: brainstorming, drawing pictures and more.

2.) Taking your time
When writing: it’s important that you take your time when starting the story.
Try and build, the story and also get a sense of what direction you want it to go in.

3.) The Genre: What will it be?
Another factor, is knowing what genre your story will be in.
Reading books in your desired genre, can help with story ideas.
Watching films and series in the genre, is also very beneficial.
What makes it stand out? What elements are used?

4.) Research
Research is key: in finding out what books are popular
What kind of books (genre)
And finding out why, that is and what you can incorporate into your books.
Also, tips on how to write, and start a story can be found online e.g. Google, books, YouTube and interviews.

5.) Free-writing
Passionate about writing, and feel that you enjoy writing other things such as: reviews, poems, short stories and blogging.
You should try it, and explore your talents.
It helps with giving you a break and explore and experience other exciting things.
This is so helpful, in giving you an insight into other places and things. Which in turn, helps give you ideas which you can note down whenever.

6.) Read a book
This is great, as it gives you the time to really focus on something else.
Gives you an idea, of how to begin your story and take some elements that you like from it to structure your story.
(I love reading).
It’s relaxing too.

7.) Don’t RUSH in trying to get interesting things in.
This is important!
Sometimes the story build up, being slow is best.
It helps with the story formation.
Too many interesting things happening all at once, makes it difficult for any other ideas to form easily.
Gradually, with a structure more ideas form making it a more enjoyable writing experience.
What you need:
I watched as the man lay motionless in front of me, trying to find a way to resuscitate him with all my best efforts.

As opposed to:
The fight between the two boys scared me.
A boy jumped into the ring, and tried to stop it from getting too far.
A dog came and started barking, which only resulted in all three of them getting seriously injured.
A girl cried, as one of the fighters was her brother.

That’s all, I hope it helps
Thank you,
Yours kindly,
P.S. This may be updated


Why I Write☾; My thoughts

Hello!! This is going to be a post inspired from a task I had to do in University. It’s going to be a few reasons why I write.

Firstly, I write because it’s a great way for me to express myself and feelings. I can even do this through characters that I create in my stories; the world that I can also create through my own creativity and imagination.

It’s comforting, sometimes writing and the way your feelings are somehow depicted in such different ways is enough.

I thoroughly enjoy it, I always have ideas for many of my books and poems.

Talent I believe I have when it comes to writing and being able to share my IP/original works is a great feeling; that I honestly feel excited about.

I’m also touched, when my work gets so many great responses it also helps give me the confidence in being able to go further with my writing.

Passion is definitely what I have for writing. I love it so much and I would love to have my work known and published (still working towards this, even now).

Inspiration is another thing. Being able to inspire others with my writing, would also be a wonderful feeling.

Determination which I feel I have most of the time, because I desperately want to be able to keep striving for all the things that I want.

Yours kindly,
P.S. anymore I think of, this may be updated.

Heart: Original Poem & My Thoughts♡

Writer’s thoughts:
I know I said that the rest of my original poems, will be put on my Wattpad when I get around to doing so. However, I may sometimes put one up it won’t be all of my poems – because it will be on my Wattpad account for all to read so enjoy this original poem of mine called ”Heart.”

Heart: Original Poem by Lizzy
This feeling: that happens quite
I don’t know if you notice it when you see me
but my heart is longing, for something bigger

And then there you are.
I mean I look into your eyes,
and know how mesmerised I feel whenever
you’re near.

Beating, Beating, Thump, Thump
The sound that my heart makes, as I clench
in a moment, of trying to keep it on the down- low
Fear and panic, overwhelms me in this moment.

Anxious and unsure of the reaction I’ll receive
from you.

All you do: is look at me with concern and wonder.
I stay still, as I ponder your actions towards me.

Your smile makes me smile,
and I adore your company,
you being near, means a lot to me.

I’ve realised now that I like you.
And I sometimes get the feeling, you like me too.

©2014 Lizzy A-Williams

Yours Truly,
Creative Writer

Ideas: My Original Poetry & My Wattpad♡☁

Hello everyone! Firstly, this post is just going to be about some ideas I have for my original poetry. c:

Seeing as I write original poetry, some of which I shared on my blog. I’ve had plans for a while now to share it on my Wattpad account, where a couple of my books are on. This is because I love Wattpad and it’s a great platform for me to show and share my creativity; and people are able to read it and vote as well as comment too.

I honestly feel that sharing it on my Wattpad account, it would get such good feedback and a wonderful response that I would be so excited and proud about.

The original poems I’ve shared on here, a lot of you seem to like.

And it’s helped give me the confidence, a little which is what I needed.

The rest of my original poetry will now be on my Wattpad page, so if you all are interested in reading other original poetry of mine, feel free to read it there when I actually put it up that is.

I may also make an account on a poetry type website, where I can also put my original poetry.

Furthermore, my work is also protected on the website which is another thing I love about it.

Thank you all so much,
Yours truly,

My Fair Lady (1964) Film Review

This post will be a film review on the 1964 musical film ”My Fair Lady” which I finished on Monday. 

The film is about a flower – seller girl called Eliza Doolittle, that has a cockney accent and wants to work in a flower shop instead of the streets but her thick accent makes her unsuitable and for that – she wants to be able to speak proper English.

Professor Henry Higgins, a scholar of phonetics believes that the accent and tone in which someone speaks helps determine whether they are suitable for higher prospects in society.

In Covent Garden, he boasts to an acquaintance Colonel Hugh Pickering that he can teach anyone to speak proper English and that he can pass them off as a duke or duchess.

He selects Eliza Doolittle (Audrey Hepburn) as an example and then the next morning Eliza goes to his house asking for lessons and that she would pay a shilling and nothing more.

A debate is then ensued on whether or not it would be possible to turn Eliza into a lady; Professor Higgins truly believes he can whereas Colonel Pickering isn’t entirely sure.

Alfred P. Doolittle (Stanley Holloway) a dustman shows up 3 days later to protect his daughter’s virtue and feels he should be paid in return especially for allowing his daughter Eliza to take lessons from Professor Higgins.

The rest of the film, ends with hilarious results as well as some nice songs 🙂

I do love musicals, and I enjoyed this one.

Out of 10, I would give it a 9.

One of my favourite songs in the musical is ”Wouldn’t it be Loverly?”

The way it’s said ties into her accent.

I would recommend this to anyone that enjoys comedy too.

Yours kindly,
Lizzy 🙂