Ideas: My Original Poetry & My Wattpad♡☁

Hello everyone! Firstly, this post is just going to be about some ideas I have for my original poetry. c:

Seeing as I write original poetry, some of which I shared on my blog. I’ve had plans for a while now to share it on my Wattpad account, where a couple of my books are on. This is because I love Wattpad and it’s a great platform for me to show and share my creativity; and people are able to read it and vote as well as comment too.

I honestly feel that sharing it on my Wattpad account, it would get such good feedback and a wonderful response that I would be so excited and proud about.

The original poems I’ve shared on here, a lot of you seem to like.

And it’s helped give me the confidence, a little which is what I needed.

The rest of my original poetry will now be on my Wattpad page, so if you all are interested in reading other original poetry of mine, feel free to read it there when I actually put it up that is.

I may also make an account on a poetry type website, where I can also put my original poetry.

Furthermore, my work is also protected on the website which is another thing I love about it.

Thank you all so much,
Yours truly,


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