Heart: Original Poem & My Thoughts♡

Writer’s thoughts:
I know I said that the rest of my original poems, will be put on my Wattpad when I get around to doing so. However, I may sometimes put one up it won’t be all of my poems – because it will be on my Wattpad account for all to read so enjoy this original poem of mine called ”Heart.”

Heart: Original Poem by Lizzy
This feeling: that happens quite
I don’t know if you notice it when you see me
but my heart is longing, for something bigger

And then there you are.
I mean I look into your eyes,
and know how mesmerised I feel whenever
you’re near.

Beating, Beating, Thump, Thump
The sound that my heart makes, as I clench
in a moment, of trying to keep it on the down- low
Fear and panic, overwhelms me in this moment.

Anxious and unsure of the reaction I’ll receive
from you.

All you do: is look at me with concern and wonder.
I stay still, as I ponder your actions towards me.

Your smile makes me smile,
and I adore your company,
you being near, means a lot to me.

I’ve realised now that I like you.
And I sometimes get the feeling, you like me too.

©2014 Lizzy A-Williams

Yours Truly,
Creative Writer


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