Why I Write☾; My thoughts

Hello!! This is going to be a post inspired from a task I had to do in University. It’s going to be a few reasons why I write.

Firstly, I write because it’s a great way for me to express myself and feelings. I can even do this through characters that I create in my stories; the world that I can also create through my own creativity and imagination.

It’s comforting, sometimes writing and the way your feelings are somehow depicted in such different ways is enough.

I thoroughly enjoy it, I always have ideas for many of my books and poems.

Talent I believe I have when it comes to writing and being able to share my IP/original works is a great feeling; that I honestly feel excited about.

I’m also touched, when my work gets so many great responses it also helps give me the confidence in being able to go further with my writing.

Passion is definitely what I have for writing. I love it so much and I would love to have my work known and published (still working towards this, even now).

Inspiration is another thing. Being able to inspire others with my writing, would also be a wonderful feeling.

Determination which I feel I have most of the time, because I desperately want to be able to keep striving for all the things that I want.

Yours kindly,
P.S. anymore I think of, this may be updated.


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