Being Creative & What’s Important: (my thoughts)

This post is about being creative, and some important aspects of it. I hope this is helpful and insightful, as it’s great to use the advantage you have of being creative.

1.) Working on your craft

This is so great, to keep focusing on what it is you want for your work.
Work hard, stay inspired and continue with trying to make it the best it can be.

2.) Ideas

With creativity, comes great ideas.
This can be used to your advantage in structuring your story-line, lyrics and more.
Especially if you are a writer, artist, animator, singer and etc.
-Keep a book, where you can draw, write and do various things.
-This can be helpful and a constant reminder, for what else it is you want too.

3.) Believing in your potential
You simply love doing it, whatever your passion may be.
Believe you can do it, as being creative and having such a creative flair is awesome.
-Never know what can happen. 🙂

4.) Love doing it: Passion
In addition to the third rule, you have to love doing what you’re doing.
Have the passion, the determination, along with the creativity to carry you.

5.) Online Platforms This can be so helpful, and a way to gain a fan-base for your work/IP.
It also helps give you an insight, into how your work will be in the chosen market.
Gives you the confidence, you need to continue with it.
Also the reassurance that people enjoy your work, and admire you.

-Get your voice heard!

Hope this helps~
It’s some of my general thoughts on the matter
Much appreciated, -Lizzy


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