Cover Letters:My Thoughts

Hello, everyone! This will be a post about cover letters and how they can be essential to helping get your work noticed and published, with my thoughts on the matter.

Cover letters are simply for allowing publishers & publishing companies know exactly what your story’s about, and reasons as to why it would be beneficial if they published it.

It’s also essential that your work gets received by an agent that deals with the genre of your book, for it to have better chances of being looked at.

As you don’t want it to be given to the wrong agent that represents let’s say: historical fiction if that’s not what story your genre’s written in.

This can mean that your story can be sent to the slush-pile, where a lot of books haven’t really received the chance to be looked at.

However, it’s still rather difficult to actually send off your cover letter because of many problems that ensue e.g. worry, wanting to get as much knowledge also before sending it off as well as other things.

Which are a couple: that I’m also worried about.

I have a cover letter for my book ”The Dark Side” and just have it for safe-keeping at the moment. And also this book of mine I’m currently still writing the last chapter (chapter 24) so it’s good to still have a cover letter just in case, but it’s great to continue working on your books or any writing material that you may have.

If and when I need to, I’ll also make some cover letters  for some of my other books.

If I have anything else to add to this,  I will.
For now, thanks for reading 🙂

-Yours Truly,


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