Gaining Inspiration: Books & Etc ☾

Hello everyone! This post is going to be about how to gain inspiration for your books and anything else, and a little insight into how I do.

1.) Reading

  • This can help so much with coming up with ideas.

If you like something, that you’ve read in a story.
Or how the plot is written in the book.
Use this to your advantage.
Take some aspects of the book – with your idea and develop it with your own imagination.

(Helps a lot, I do this at times)

2.) Music

  • You can listen to any genre of music

It can be happy, upbeat, sad and slow
However, if it helps you instantly gain an idea of how to start your story.
Then it’s good, even the song title helps with this too.

~This helps me quite a bit. 🙂

3.) Title

  • A lot of the time, I already have a book title planned.

This helps so much, already give me a feel of what I want for my book.
Even the direction that I want it to go in.
With more in depth planning this should help make it easier; for ideas to flow.

4.) Experiences
Through experiences, gaining inspiration can be easy.
Think about what experiences you’ve liked, and incorporate it into your writing.
Helps with giving you a basis of where to start from.
Also, witnessing things first-hand can be essential.
Interviews – can help too 🙂

Thank you,
Hope it helps
If I think of anymore, I’ll add it



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